Why us


Gondal Trade Test and Technical Training (GTTTT) center is a Rawalpindi-based company that provides Trade Test & Training outstanding technical education to people around the country. GTTTT has served over twenty thousand Pakistani students and remains the top Trade Test Training Center.

As you know, the construction sector is important for any country to provide and build infrastructure that all sectors of the economy depend on. With hundreds of employees working directly in the sector, it is the fastest-growing industrial sector in the country and abroad. GTTTT helps the trainees to participate in many projects that give them the opportunity to try their hand at the skills that are important to the professionals. Skilled workers are the key to productivity and competitiveness, which is why the GTTTT is committed to ensuring the delivery of the training required by the industry and equipping young people with the necessary skills to be part of successful workers, contributing to the growth of the structure. company. and improve their social and economic status in society. Construction is also an important part of the economy and one of the indicators of a country’s development.
In Pakistan, there are huge construction projects going on without adequate infrastructure in terms of quality work. Construction management seems to be a difficult task due to the severe shortage of professionals. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a connection between universities and companies through professional construction management knowledge, tools, skills, and procedures.

Quality Control

Call, contact, and follow the national quality control agency in the country where the investigation is being conducted and seek information and advice from the such agency;

Technical Education System

Ensure that they are well informed about the technical education system and the vocational training system and assurance in the countries they are conducting research to avoid the appearance of ignorance of the specific education system in each country;

Examination Center

Maintain good relations with other schools and constituents of the examination center; demonstrate integrity and will not be influenced or affected by any form of special hospitality extended by the hosting company;